Voramar trails

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Two beautiful trails which combine nature, sea views, and fresh air with unforgettable panoramic views.

Voramar-Borumbot Trail.

From Urbanización La Manzanera to Arenal-Bol beach or Urbanización Borumbot to the height of the Plaza Mayor, you can admire the magnificent views of the coastline, the unique buildings designed by Ricardo Bofill, and Cala La Manzanera.

Brief description:  Starting from the main entrance of the Casa de Cultura, head toward the corner of Avda. Masnou and Calle Virgen del Carmen, go up the latter while heading southward, passing the Casa del Mar and, now descending, continue until taking the street that comes from the left. After going down this street, you arrive at an intersection and take the street on the right, which provides access to the Balcón al Mar residential area. Next to its entrance gate, on the left, starts a trail that goes along the cliff edge and in front of the houses on the edge of Borumbot, descending until it reaches Arenal-Bol beach. It is also possible to take a trail on the right side of the entrance to the Balcón al Mar residential area that, beyond the residential parking area, continues toward Cala de la Manzanera, passing by the unique buildings of Urbanización La Manzanera.



Voramar-Calalga or Bassetes Trail.

From the top of Cala Calalga to Les Bassetes marina, next to Cala Mallorquí.


Brief description:  The start of the trail is located at the intersection of Avenida Rosa de los Vientos and Paseo Marítimo Infanta Cristina, the latter featuring an information panel and a parking area. This trail begins by going up the street parallel to Cala Cabalga. In this enclave you’ll find a sign for the PR trail which indicates that in approximately 15’, it provides access to the marina of Les Bassetes. The trail, which appears protected by a railing, descends to the cove. Immediately, a staircase provides access to Cala del Mallorquí, which also has an information panel. At this point, the trail widens.





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