Route 2. Voramar Calalga

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The start of the walk is in Avenida Rosa de los Vientos on the Seafront promenade Infanta Cristina, where there is an informational sign and a parking area. We start going up through the parallel street to the Calalga cove. Here we will find a sign for a "PR" path marking that in about 15' we will arrive at the port Les Bassetes. The downward path towards the Mallorquí cove is protected by a railing, here we will also find an informational sign. The road widens out here.

We still parallel to the coast, approaching the Club Náutico Les Bassetes and its marina, where we find restaurants, a diving centre and the club itself in a nice entourage to rest with the children.

Duration: One-way: 30'- Round trip: 1 h.

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